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Steve Strandemo


An established professional player, Steve was regarded as one of the most dedicated, ambitious and consistent players on the men’s tour.  His personal training regimen was probably the most vigorous of the touring professionals and he was always considered a viable strength and contender.

Strandemo since diversified his interests in the racquetball market, emerging as an entrepreneur in the instructional camp field.  His teaching background is the natural forerunner to his camp approach.  He has a keen sense of knowing what to teach and how to simply and effectively communicate with his students.  Steve has dedicated himself to the study and analyzes of racquetball and is best known among his peers as an “intense student of the game and one of the best clinicians in the sport.”

Steve has written three instructional books, published by Simon & Schuster;  “The Racquetball Book, Advanced Racquetball, and Strategic Racquetball.”  Steve’s instructional books, tapes and articles have become the standard in the racquetball instructional field. 



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