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The following are testimonials from past participants in Steve Strandemo's Racquetball Academies.

“Steve’s camp taught me proper shot selection, court strategy and how to win in everyday terms, that all players can understand.  It was great fun!”   -Rick Meyer

I’ve attended three of Steve’s camps and following each, “my game has improved.”  He gave me a realistic, individualized plan to correct problems with my mechanics and strategy, which, over the years, has helped tremendously.     -John Baker

“After repetitive injuries from playing racquetball, I came to the Strandemo Racquetball Academy, in hopes of avoiding further injury.  I had never dreamed I would also learn to play racquetball well enough to win a real racquetball tournament and have so much fun.  “Zone 3’ is the only place to be!”  -Marshall Noel

“For any level of racquetball Steve’s camp has to be a high lighted experience.  It was terrific fun and terrific learning.  To this day I picture Steve in my mind when I execute one of the skills I learned at camp – and when I don’t!  His lessons were so engrained while there that they always stay with me.  “Do it; you’ll be glad you did.”  -Polly Jones

 “Good teachers are hard to find in all areas.  Steve has the ability to break down the game of racquetball, so you can understand all aspects of the game, regardless of your playing level.”    -Doug Olson

 “The one-on-one instruction coupled with the videotape helped my stroke mechanics, serve, and center-court strategy.  The intensity and the level of instruction made me a much better player.”  -Tom Elm

Racquetball school with Steve has been a great joy to me.  We had played almost 12 or more years before coming to school.  Now I have completed my 4th time and have added much to my game. Thanks, Steve! – P.S.  “Long after school, I can still hear him hollering in my ear!”   -George Evans  


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